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Home Staging 

Providing Everything You Need

Taking home staging in Florida to the next level

Are you about to list your residential property for sale? Dress it up first. Your best bet is to hire a home staging company like Alacasa Design Studio and let professionals make your place look brighter, warmer, and more spacious. No remodeling is needed.

Home staging is the art of adding a homey feel to a vacant property. When buyers stumble across listings, they should find it a breeze to envision themselves living there. And that’s what we can do to make sure your property isn’t something they want to skip. Even if your space looks dark and lifeless, Alacasa Design Studio can enliven it to help you sell it.

What are our home staging specialists up for?

We can stage every part of your home, be it a bedroom, living room, kitchen. Here’s what the process entails:

  • Ensuring that it looks spotless. Nobody hits the real estate market to buy a cluttered home. We will spruce up your place, showing off its best features in a clean and polished way.

  • Rearranging furniture. An illusion of more space and defined focal points are key to closing a sale faster. We won’t let furniture arrangement mistakes distract the buyer.

  • Creating a homey mood. Sometimes, a few pillows and candles can make all the difference. We will add décor touches to your luxury home staging project to create the right mood.

  • Making it appeal to the senses. Lighting, greenery, and home fragrances are often overlooked when staging a property. But we never disregard any of these.

  • Taking photos. This is the final step in virtual home staging. We will provide professional photos of your space to entice more buyers.

Although home staging doesn’t involve remodeling, some repairs may still be necessary. If your place is marred by minor cracks, scratches, or other flaws, we will take care of them.

It pays off faster than you think

If you choose to team up with the Alacasa Design Studio staging company, you will get the most bang for your buck. We will ensure that your home looks its best, boosting its sale price. The juice is worth the squeeze, no two ways about it.

Have you already listed your home but have no showings? That doesn’t mean you’re asking too much for it. Contact Alacasa Design Studio, one of the leading staging companies in Boca Raton, to showcase your property and finally sell it!

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