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The first step to creating your ideal space

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Design consultation and advice – The first step to creating your ideal space

When your house needs a touch-up, a thought-out design plan is pivotal. But if you don’t have a knack for it, how can you make sure you’re transforming your space right? Alacasa Design Studio can help. Consider backing your remodeling or renovation project with a professional interior design consultation.

A consultation is a way to visualize your dream space and outline what you need to do to make it a reality. It’s where the conceptual process begins and translates into practical steps – from creating a floor plan to picking a color palette. Are you ready to get started?

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What to expect during your design plan consultation?

During a consultation, our interior designers will walk you through your project. To do this, we will:

  • Dive into your vision. What makes a perfect space for one homeowner may be a no-no for another. That’s why we will select the style that suits you aesthetically and functionally. Our design consultation services always revolve around your needs.

  • Define the problem areas. What is it that keeps your place from being in harmony with your personality? Once we figure this out, we will map out a plan to fix it. It may involve everything from layout changes to décor enhancements.

  • Plan your budget. It’s essential to determine how much you can spend on your whole-house remodel or renovation project. If you have a hard time planning it on your own, we will help you, considering the design solutions that might work for your place.

  • Generate ideas. This is the best part of your consultation. It will culminate in a range of interior design ideas to get inspired by and complete project guidance to bring them to life. Go to our portfolio to check out some incredible transformations that we have already brought about.

Please note that interior design consultation costs do not cover design fees. They are for a guide only and calculated per hour.

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Get your interior design consultation in Boca Raton

Your place deserves an exceptional upgrade. Although it’s never easy to deliver it, Alacasa Design Studio is ready to take up the challenge for any residential project in Boca Raton. Schedule your interior design consultation online to get a plan that is tailored to your home and personality.

If you want to let that transformation happen, you can hire us after your consultation is over.

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