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Welcome to the #1 luxury interior design company in Boca Raton

Premium interior design is much more than choosing the right finishes and colors. It is about how each area in your home feels and how accurately it reflects your unique personality. At alacasa, we make sure we meet and exceed each of our customers’ needs and requirements. Do you think your place is full of untapped premium-looking potential? Are you thinking it is time to build a new home that has everything you need from day one? alacasa Design Studio is the high-end interior design company that will help you realize all those needs in all your spaces at home and create that awe-inspiring effect you want for you and your loved ones. From room/area additions to whole-house remodeling or building a new home, we will fill your household’s luxury corners with the details that create the lifestyle you want for a truly deluxe space.

We specialize in turn-key luxury interior design services in Boca Raton, FL, and surrounding Palm Beach and Broward metropolitan areas. At alacasa, we aim to transform all home areas into breathtaking spaces where our customers can find harmony with themselves. We have been creating, perfecting, improving, and remodeling residences since 2011. Leverage our hands-on experience to instill the premium allure into your home!

Bringing harmony and luxury home interior designs together

We invite you to reflect upon what makes a perfectly balanced place for you. Understanding how you want your home to feel is key to fine-tune each design element accordingly. But even if you do not have all or some of the answers to these questions, alacasa Design Studio has the tools to guide you towards each answer.

With our luxury interior design services, you will benefit from much more than just interior improvements and highlight the true essence and energy brought by every element utilized in each project. Here we come up with premium solutions tailored to every client. Whether it is a kitchen makeover or an entire turn-key home design installation, we will seamlessly bring it together with your current and future needs in mind.

The first step is to get a design consultation so that you can share your desired concept/outcome with us. We will then mix it with aesthetics and function while recommending the different aspects of space use, décor accents, colors, and more. After that, you can entrust our team of Boca Raton interior design specialists with visualizing your high-end project, be it an individual room/area or an entire house. To this end, we can prepare:

  • presentations

  • technical drawings

  • 3D renderings and videos

Once we have captured your luxury home vision on paper, we will start bringing it to life as part of our project management services. We can take care of every stage, from planning and trade recommendations to furniture procurement and white-glove installations. At the end, you will receive a project handbook with all the ideas and actual implementations documented to the smallest detail for your future reference or need.

High-end interior design from drawings to final touches

It is not only your home’s architectural features that define whether it looks and feels luxurious. The furniture and its use of space are just as important. We always look to brighten each area and make it feel an integral part of your persona to match your luxury lifestyle.

Our custom design services for upholstery and case goods will help you strike a balance between your furniture and architecture. Whether you want to add a set of chairs or a wardrobe to your space, let us make sure it is the best possible match for your home.

We can also accessorize your place to achieve a sophisticated home design in Boca Raton. Without overstating it, visually flattering additions like art, pictures, vases, decorative stones, and greenery can result in a place that feels exceptional.

If you want to hire a local interior designer with a vast portfolio of high-end projects who knows how to best transform your home into a breathtaking residence, turn to alacasa Design Studio. Call us at (561) 843-3495 or use our online contact form to get started with your project in Boca Raton!


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